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TCIP #003 – The Power of Mobile Technology in Crisis Communication with Jim Spicuzza

22 Jun

Welcome to episode #003 of The Crisis Intelligence Podcast with Melissa Agnes and Jim Spicuzza

Mobile technology can do wonders for today’s crisis communication. The flexibility, the interactivity and the mobility of it all can save lives, reputations and bottom lines.

Within this podcast, Jim Spicuzza, CEO of CrisisGo, and I discuss the power of mobile technology in your crisis communications. If a person’s mobile phone is said to never be farther than 3 feet away from their body at all times, doesn’t it make sense to leverage this tool to communicate important messages in times of dire need? Whether we’re talking communicating internally with, either your entire staff or specific targeted groups, or externally with key stakeholders, mobile technology is a tool that we both believe needs to be leveraged for today’s crisis communication.

Mobile technology is not only convenient but also available to us, so why not incorporate it and leverage it to your organization’s advantage?

Whether you work for an educational institution, the government, in healthcare or for a mid- to large-sized organization, this episode will help you discover possibilities and advantages for your organization’s crisis communications that you may not have already considered. Enjoy!

Running time: 49:30

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Thanks to Jim Spicuzza (@jfspicuzza) for the great conversation!

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