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In the midst of a crisis? Call +1 (514) 458-7101


Online Reputation Management

There’s no other way to put it: Your online reputation is your reputation.

When clients, prospective clients, partners, the media – you name it – want to learn about your organization, they instinctively take to the Internet to complete their search. What they find has a direct impact on your organization’s bottom line.

It’s one thing to be ranked well with positivity in the search engines when all is calm and business is running as usual. It’s another thing entirely to hold those rankings in a crisis, when every news site, popular blog and social media platform is publishing negativity about your brand.

At Agnes + Day, we help our clients to be, what we like to call, crisis management optimized. In order to effectively do this, we provide clients with the following services (click on each for more information):

Online Vulnerability Audit

An online vulnerability audit allows us to assess your current online situation in its entirety. This includes assessing your search engine rankings, corporate website structure, inbound links, social media platforms, monitoring tools, doing an online sentiment analysis and more – which enables us to identify and assess your online strengths, weaknesses and key areas of vulnerability. From there, we develop a long-term, white hat strategy for improving your corporate online reputation.

Online Reputation Tracking and Reporting

Your online reputation management is a long-term strategy that requires constant attention if you want to stay at the top of your game. We provide clients with monthly tracking and reporting that allows us to monitor and evaluate your online reputation regularly, and provide you with a monthly assessment of findings and strategies for continued success.

These reports include details of your search engine rankings (how many rankings you’ve gone up or down in the search engines since previous months), number and sources of quality inbound links, competitive tracking (track how your competitors are ranked and why), social media influence, and much more.

Whether you’ve already been hit with a crisis that has impacted your brand’s search engine rankings and online credibility, or wish to protect your brand from such an incident in advance, Agnes + Day has a powerful online reputation management team that will help you through any type of brand-damaging situation.