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Crisis Training and Simulations

Crisis Trainings + Workshops

Part of being crisis-intelligent is knowing that practice makes perfect. Practice also builds teams, forms bonds, and improves skills and confidence.

Agnes + Day provides complete crisis trainings to C-Suite executives, frontline employees, spokespersons, as well as marketing, PR, crisis and legal teams. All of our crisis trainings are diverse, highly educational, hands-on, interactive and a whole lot of fun!

A glimpse of the range of crisis trainings we provide:

Popular crisis trainings + workshops

Issues Management in this Digital Age

In this age of social media, individuals are fast learning the power of their individual and collective voices and organizations are facing a growing number of issues. Even with the increasing power of the customer voice, many still haven’t mastered the art of issues management, as it pertains to social media. In this training, we examine how to identify issues in the early stages and assess the risks that they present to your organization, preventing them from escalating into crises. We discuss pressing topics, which include when to let an issue evolve on its own, and when to jump in and communicate with your stakeholders. This training was designed to leave your team with actionable takeaways to be able to take a negative issue and quickly transform it into a positive PR opportunity for your organization.

Crisis Simulations

With the clock ticking and the simulated crisis unfolding before your team’s very eyes, it’s up to them to work together to assess the situation, communicate effectively with key stakeholders and, ultimately, resolve the crisis in the least amount of time and with the least amount of repercussions as possible.

Although our simulations are executed on a safe and secure platform, in the moment everything seems real, blood pressure is raised, and invaluable crisis management lessons are not just learned but experienced first-hand.

Learn more about our crisis simulations platform here.

General Crisis Training

Every member of your team is a spokesperson for your organization and plays some sort of role within the management of an organizational crisis (from directing incoming inquiries, to knowing when to – and when not to – respond to their own social graph, etc.). It’s important that each member of your staff understands what is expected of them in a crisis, and what they are and are not permitted to reveal to the general public – along with the consequences of their actions.

We will provide your team with a hands-on training that teaches them what their role and responsibilities are in a crisis and how to effectively handle any type of inquiry and escalating situation in real-time.

High Stakes Media Training

Dealing with the media at any time is tricky, not to mention when a crisis is full-blown and the public is looking for a villain to blame. We provide our clients with crisis media training that explores the best practices for speaking with the media in a crisis, both traditionally and online.

Social Media Legal and Global Compliance Training

There’s no denying that networking and promoting one’s brand with the use of social media can be extremely beneficial. However, using social media to communicate and market your organization’s message also translates into a greater level of responsibility and accountability in order to prevent and reduce the broad and ever-expanding scope of potential legal risks and liability. The objective of this training is to provide your legal team with an overview of the key inherent legal issues and provide information and recommendations as to steps your organization can take to manage and minimize such risks.

Customer Service Training (for this digital age)

What does it mean to provide good customer service today? What are the (viral) consequences of providing bad – or even mediocre – customer service these days? How are good customer care and issues management directly related, and what impact can both have on your organization’s reputation?

Your customer service team is your frontline and therefore has a huge responsibility on their shoulders whether they realize it or not. We will teach your frontline to understand what it takes to provide good customer care in today’s connected and real-time world, along with how to detect, prevent and manage certain issues that may arise.

Train your team to be a crisis and issues management pro! Contact us to schedule a training or simulation today.

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Client Testimonials

“If you ever need a company who could brief on crisis management or provide trainings on issues management or crisis simulations, I can recommend Agnes + Day strongly.”
- Franky Saegerman, NATO

“We brought together our legal, PR, communications, digital and staff engagement teams for nearly two days. Melissa guided our topics in such an engaging way driving us to tap what we already knew and to discover what was lacking in our current process and guidelines. This training session brought us together in such an effective way that not one person regretted the commitment we made to learn. Thank you, Melissa, for bringing a complex topic to us in a way that encouraged debate, hands-on experience and helped us make decisions.” - Jan Walther, YMCA of the USA

“We hired Agnes + Day to conduct a crisis simulation for our company that focused solely on reputation and share price. This proved to be a difficult task as our organization is an operational organization. However, once we finally landed on the scenario, Agnes + Day certainly did a lot of work pulling it all together. The number of articles, tweets and posts that were created – not to mention the reporters and analysts that kept calling in for quotes – was amazing. The feedback from our team has been that this was one of the most realistic experiences we’ve experienced to-date with a simulation. The exercise was a great example of a scenario that doesn’t fit our normal plan and adjustments to the process had to be made, which was good to see in order to help us identify some gaps in our plan. We definitely have some great learnings.” - Agnes + Day Client in Western Canada

“Agnes + Day is truly outstanding! Their calmness, strategic thinking, and creativity are the hallmarks of crisis management.”
- Chris Starr, Restaurant owner