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Crisis Prevention and Planning

Crisis Consulting

True crisis intelligence goes far beyond the typical crisis plan.

With social media, the search engines and the heightened expectations that your key stakeholders have of your organization in a crisis, effective crisis communication and issues management can be a continual challenge these days.

Agnes + Day works closely with mid- to large-sized organizations, helping them assess, test and restructure their communication policies, procedures and strategies in order to meet today’s crisis communication requirements and challenges, both internally and externally.

By digging down deep and assessing your organization’s communication strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities, as well as the risks that threaten your brand, we are able to identify and help you implement key strategies and best-practices for your organization’s crisis communication.

Some of the elements we assess, test and evaluate include:

  • Your current crisis plan and processes
  • Your issues management policies and procedures
  • Your monitoring systems (i.e.: traditional media, social media, search engines, etc.)
  • Your internal communication platforms
  • Whether or not mobile technology would benefit your crisis communication
  • Your online reputation management
  • Your crisis spokespersons and media training protocols
  • Your global compliance and social media risk
  • … and much more.

Next step: To develop a strategic plan

From there we deliver a robust strategic plan – including specific examples for best-practices, outlined areas for improvement, application and platform recommendations, training and simulation suggestions – that gives your organization a thorough yet viable road map for taking your crisis preparedness and prevention to a whole different level. Working with your team, we then help you implement this strategic plan into the core areas of your business, as well as train your different departments and teams.

Contact us and we’ll walk you through, step by step, the process we’ll take to better secure your organization from crises and emergency situations.

Client Testimonials

“If you ever need a company who could brief on crisis management or provide trainings on issues management or crisis simulations, I can recommend Agnes + Day strongly.”
- Franky Saegerman, NATO

“We brought together our legal, PR, communications, digital and staff engagement teams for nearly two days. Melissa guided our topics in such an engaging way driving us to tap what we already knew and to discover what was lacking in our current process and guidelines. This training session brought us together in such an effective way that not one person regretted the commitment we made to learn. Thank you, Melissa, for bringing a complex topic to us in a way that encouraged debate, hands-on experience and helped us make decisions.” - Jan Walther, YMCA of the USA

“Agnes + Day is truly outstanding! Their calmness, strategic thinking, and creativity are the hallmarks of crisis management.”
- Chris Starr, Restaurant owner