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Free Social Media Crisis Case Studies

Free Crisis Case Studies

Social media and the online world play an undeniable role in organizational crises and issues these days. In fact, it seems that each week brings new real-time examples of best and worst (and yes, even stupid!) practices. This page is dedicated to pulling lessons out of those practices.

Whether you’re doing research for a project or a presentation, or are simply looking to learn by example in order to strengthen your organization’s crisis management plan – you’ve come to the right place!

All of the crisis case studies within this page feed from Agnes + Day’s Crisis Intelligence Blog, which means that this page is kept current with the latest scandals and crisis management lessons. This page is also organized by category, so simply choose the one that appeals to you and enjoy the read!

Choose the category of crisis case studies you’re looking for:

Success Stories

Ha! Laughable mistakes

Online reputation management

Government, politics, municipalities


Educational institutes

The food industry


Crises and social communities

Social trends to keep your eyes on

The long-term repercussions of crises

Lessons worth learning

Legal issues and social media compliance


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