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Online Transparency: Can There Be Too Much? (Free Webinar)

18 Sep

As you know, transparency and honesty are an important rule of social media. But where do you draw the line? How do you know when you’re being too transparent, in the sense that you may open yourself up to a social media attack, verses being just transparent enough?

This is a question that many businesses struggle with in this new era of open honesty and transparency online.

Last week I had the opportunity to discuss this important topic on a webinar I co-hosted with Grant Rampy, for Firestorm, a global crisis management corporation for which I have the pleasure of sitting on their expert council.

Within this hour long presentation, Grant and I:

  • Examine 4 recent incidents of brand transparency
  • Determine where to draw the line when it comes to online transparency
  • Offer tips to help you do this effectively

If you’re interested in this topic or struggle with this online reality from time to time, I welcome you to have a listen to our webinar! Below you’ll find a link with free access to the recording.

Download this webinar here

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