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My Interview with Leigh Kostiainen: The Importance of Developing Your Social Media Crisis Plan

09 Mar

Melissa AgnesI was recently interviewed by the lovely Leigh Kostiainen, from Advanced Fan Page Solutions, on the topic of Social Media Crises and why it’s so important to be prepared for one with the right social media crisis plan.

In the interview Leigh asks me some great questions about why it’s important to protect your brand with a social media crisis plan, and I give away some great tips and strategies that will help you continue to strengthen your crisis plan. We also discuss why I decided to create the Social Media Crisis Academy and how Leigh has found the Academy to be invaluable.

Have a listen and be sure to take a look at Leigh’s website and Facebook page, she’s definitely worth checking out!

Click below to listen to my interview with Leigh Kostiainen

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2 Responses to “My Interview with Leigh Kostiainen: The Importance of Developing Your Social Media Crisis Plan”

  1. Morgan March 9, 2012 at 5:19 pm #

    Using a negative circumstance as a positive outcome – I SO agree!

    You're absolutely right that when it comes to businesses getting online, they are scared about a lot of things but getting negative comments either on their blog, Twitter, Facebook or whatever, can be paralyzing.

    I've gotten some comments deleted and it has made me awfully angry. :)

    Although on the other hand, I have also deleted some super inappropriate comments in which I've tried to dissolve the situation but when it doesn't resolve itself and the person just keeps getting more irate (to others and to me), it's hard to keep talking to that person and drastic action may have to be taken.

    You are right – simply responding to a comment is sometimes all you need to do to resolve the situation.

    Great tips!

  2. Melissa Agnes March 9, 2012 at 5:38 pm #

    Hi Morgan,

    Sometimes, unfortunately, people are just negative and aim to hurt. In those cases, I absolutely agree, drastic measures must be taken to protect your fans and keep your own peace of mind. That type of negativity should never be welcomed, and sometimes it's just impossible to reason with the person.

    But usually, if we act quickly, compassionately and with the right frame of mind we can turn those negativities into positive opportunities – and that's where the real bonds are formed and the relationships strengthen.

    Thanks for taking the time to listen to the interview and leave your fabulous comment! :)

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