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Melissa Agnes to Conduct Issues Management Workshop at CPRS National Summit

13 May

cprs-national-summit-2014-melissa-agnesIn this age of social media, where individuals are fast learning the power of their individual and collective voices, organizations have been faced with a growing number of issues. Many still haven’t mastered the art of issues management as it pertains to social media, which is the focus of Melissa Agnes’s workshop at this year’s CPRS National Summit in Banff, Alberta.

Workshop: Effective Issues Management in this Digital Age

Through interactive discussions and interesting case studies, this session will explore how to:

  • Identify issues in their early stages, so as to prevent them from escalating into crises
  • Use the new rules of crisis communications to take a negative issue and quickly transform it into a positive PR opportunity for the organization
  • Determine when to let an issue evolve on its own, and when to jump in
  • Identify trigger points that reveal that an issue needs to be escalated to the crisis management team

Attendees will leave this workshop feeling confident that they can effectively use social media to detect, respond to and resolve online issues that threatens their organization’s (or clients’) reputation.

Interested in attending Melissa’s workshop?

Melissa’s workshop will take place on Monday, May 26th 2014 at 2:30pm.

For more information on this year’s CPRS National Summit, Ascend, click here.
To register and attend the conference, click here.

A few words from Melissa Agnes

“I’m really excited to teach this interactive and highly engaging workshop on issues management for this digital age, at this year’s CPRS National Summit! If you’re planning to be at the conference, or happen to be in lovely Banff at the end of May, whether you attend my workshop or not, please reach out. I’d love to schedule a coffee or chat in person!”

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