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Leadership in a Crisis: How the Head and Heart Must Come Together (podcast)

04 Apr

leadership-in-a-crisisI recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the very wise, very talented Jane Jordan-Meier, author and President of The Media Skills Academy, to discuss leadership in a crisis and how the head and the heart absolutely need to come together.

Within the below podcast, Jane gives some excellent examples of leaders who have, and others who have not, combined both their head and heart in a crisis and the repercussions of their actions, whether positive or negative. Interestingly enough, Jane elaborates on the new Pope Francis and how he has, so far, proven to be an excellent example of a leader who displays a perfect combination of using both his head and his heart within his new leadership.

Listen from this page, or download the below podcast to listen to at a later time, and learn some extremely important tips on how you can really bring your head and your heart together in order to successfully lead your company or organization through any type of crisis situation.

Leadership in a crisis: How the head and heart must come together, with Jane Jordan-Meier

Listen to this podcast:

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