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Here are More Ways to Secure Your Twitter Account from Hackers

28 Aug

twitter-two-factor-authenticationTwo words that we’re all too familiar with: Twitter hacks.

When it comes to Twitter hacks, there are things that you can do to protect your account, and I’ve spoken about them numerous times here on my blog. However, with the hacking that took place last week, when 15,000 accounts were compromised, I thought it might be a good idea to bring up the topic again and remind those of you who have not enabled two-factor authentication on your accounts to do so – now.

Like right this second!

It’ll only take a couple minutes of your time and will go a long way in securing your account from hackers.

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2 new security features from Twitter

There are now different ways to get double-auth verification
Twitter has recently released a new feature that allows you to “enroll in login verification and approve login requests directly from your iOS or Android app”. This means that you now have two verification methods to choose from:

  • Receiving an SMS or push message notification; and
  • In-application approvals – which means “you can use login verification without relying on text messages” (for more information on how to set up this feature, click here)

Associate more than one Twitter account to the same mobile phone
Another awesome new feature that Twitter has rolled out with is allowing you to now associate more than one Twitter account to the same mobile phone for double-auth verification. This means that if your organization has multiple Twitter accounts but one main Twitter manager, then all of your accounts can receive the same security, without having to inconveniently assign different phones to each account.

Another security step aimed at securing your account from hackers

Once you’ve set your account up with two-factor authentication, the next “must-do” step is to go through the third-party apps associated to your Twitter account and remove all of those that you no longer use and/or want. The thing with third-party apps (no matter how trusted you may think they are) is that they’re developed so quickly these days, and the laws and regulations on the security of them are so limited, that they can actually present easy access to your account to hackers. In order to do this, go to Twitter’s application page and click “revoke access” on all of the apps you want to delete from you account.

Twitter is an awesome crisis communications tool for any and every organization today. Making sure your organization’s Twitter account is as safe as possible from hackers is an important pre-crisis step that doesn’t require very much time on your end at all. (Therefore, you have no excuse to not set them up!)

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