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Embrace Technology, Be Crisis-Ready

24 Jul

I’ve been talking a lot about new and emerging technology lately (and will continue to do so). From mobile apps and your crisis communications to Google Glass, technology is a major part of our everyday lives, both personal and professional. Organizations need to embrace these new and emerging technologies as early-on as possible. Unfortunately, the embracement of technology is usually met with fear of the unknown and unfamiliar. It has been this way since the beginning of new – but it is up to your company or organization to make a choice. Do you want to embrace new technology as it gets developed and created, or do you want to be left behind?

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Who is embracing these new technologies?

Your clients, your customers, your adversaries, your competitors and your employees. There is an ever-growing number of entities out there that are excited and quick to embrace new technologies as they become available. Your company or organization needs to be one of them.

What does it mean for your organization to reject new technology out of fear of the unknown?

It means not being prepared for the realities of today. It means distancing your brand from its stakeholders. It means limiting your organization’s abilities to respond to and manage crisis situations. It means more risks than opportunities.

Technology is our future and the future is here – to stay. The longer you wait to embrace, experiment with and evaluate new technologies for all that they’re worth – both the good and the bad – the more at-risk your company or organization becomes. Embracing technology needs to be a part of your organization’s culture. It needs to be a conscious choice and a constant reality.

The choice is yours. Do you choose to be relevant and ready, or dated and at-risk?

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