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Does the New Trend of Anonymous Apps Put You at Risk?

08 Apr

With apps like Secret, Whisper, Yik Yak and Rumr gaining in popularity, organizations are left even more vulnerable. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that we help organizations work their way through targeted attacks on a regular basis, but I have a hard time understanding why these sorts of apps are continuing to be developed [...]

Reddit: The Source of Many Social Media Crises and Issues

22 May

It’s not for nothing that Reddit calls itself “the front page of the internet“. Don’t let the dated look fool you. Founded in 2005, Reddit has since grown to be a substantial source of news with a powerful online community that has proven to have quite an impact when used against or for a brand, [...]

Awesome Tool Reviewed: Buffer App (Free and Paid Tool)

10 Apr

Buffer is a tool that, honestly, I couldn’t live without! It helps me share all the great content that I consume each morning over the course of the day, and by doing so, it helps me keep my online presence going even when I’m neck-deep in client work (and even on the weekends when I [...]

Social Media Crisis Monitoring Tool Reviewed: CrisisVu (Paid Tool)

07 Mar

I recently had the opportunity to test out a new Twitter monitoring tool called CrisisVu. As the name suggests, CrisisVu was developed with the aim of helping companies better monitor the discussions around their brand in a crisis. This web-based tool gives you real-time insights and a live view of what is being tweeted and [...]

Social Media Monitoring Tool Review: HyperAlerts (Free Tool)

24 Jan

Last week, while expressing the importance of monitoring, monitoring, monitoring your Facebook page, I mentioned the option of using a free monitoring tool called HyperAlerts. Since then, I’ve had many of you come back and ask me about this free monitoring tool, so I thought it would be a good one to review this month. [...]

Social Media Monitoring Tools Reviewed: Twilert

21 May

Note from the editor: This is the first in an ongoing series where I will be reviewing the many different social media monitoring tools available to you, both free and paid, in order to help you choose the monitoring tools that are best targeted for your particular needs and objectives. To better understand why social [...]