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Newborn Abducted from Hospital and Social Media Saves the Day

04 Jun

On Monday, May 26th, just before 7pm, a lady dressed as a nurse walked into Mélissa McMahon’s hospital room in Trois-Rivières, Quebec (a town just outside of Montreal), where she was resting with her one-day old daughter, Victoria. The lady dressed as a nurse took baby Victoria from her mother, walked out of the room, into her [...]

Crisis Management Reflections of 2013 and Forecasts for 2014, from Karen Freberg

09 Dec

Editor’s Note: Professor Karen Freberg discusses her crisis management reflections of 2013, along with her forecasts for 2014. Within this post, Karen discussed Google Glass and wearable technology, an organization’s online reputation management, along with what brands can expect from 2013 graduates.  Q: Give us a brief description of who you are and what you do.  [...]

2014 Crisis Communications Forecast: Mobile Technology is Where It’s At

03 Dec

My biggest forecast for crisis communications in 2014 has to do with mobile technology. Although it’s taken a while to implement, the power of mobile technology as it pertains to crisis communications and emergency management is beginning to be realized and actualized. Think of it, a person’s mobile device is the only device that tends [...]

78% of Facebook’s Daily Users are Mobile – What Does this Mean for your Crisis Communications?

20 Aug

Facebook recently revealed that 78% of their daily U.S. users are accessing the social platform from their mobile devices. I’ve been talking a lot lately about mobile technology and your organization’s crisis communications, and this is yet another indication of the mass use of mobile devices in people’s daily lives. The fact is, mobile devices are [...]

5 Ways to Make Embracing Technology Part of your Corporate Culture

25 Jul

Yesterday I talked about how your company or organization needs to embrace technology in order to truly be crisis-ready. Today, I thought it might be beneficial to discuss some ways for your company or organization to learn how – and to actually commit to – embracing new technologies as they emerge. Watch: What Does Google Glass [...]

Embrace Technology, Be Crisis-Ready

24 Jul

I’ve been talking a lot about new and emerging technology lately (and will continue to do so). From mobile apps and your crisis communications to Google Glass, technology is a major part of our everyday lives, both personal and professional. Organizations need to embrace these new and emerging technologies as early-on as possible. Unfortunately, the embracement of [...]

What Does Google Glass Mean for your Crisis Communications?

23 Jul

What will Google Glass mean for your company or organization’s crisis communications and crisis management? What are the real-time risks that Google Glass will present to your organization, and how can you make sure to be prepared for these risks – and when should you start preparing? We can’t hide from or deny the fact [...]

5 Benefits of Using Mobile Apps for your Internal Crisis Communications

22 Jul

I recently wrote about mobile technology, how it’s the up and coming – from marketing to eCommerce – and how mobile needs to play a role within your crisis communications plan. Within that post I discuss the use of mobile apps for your external crisis communications. Today, I’d like to discuss how mobile can be [...]

The Future is in Mobile. Is Your Crisis Management Plan Ready?

02 Jul

The fact is that mobile is the new… well, everything. From marketing to eCommerce, and yes, even your crisis plan needs to have a mobile component to it. Don’t believe me? Here are just a few stats to help you grasp the ever-growing potential of mobile: 75% of Americans admit to bringing their mobile phone [...]