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Thanksgiving Wishes and December Plans for the Crisis Intelligence Blog

28 Nov

As we say goodbye to November and embrace our annual “end-of-year” mode, I thought I’d give you a little heads up regarding what I have in store for you, my fabulous readers, over the coming weeks. A little insider scoop about me: My birthday is December 18th, my husband’s birthday is December 20th and our [...]

Inspiration from the PRSA International Conference

28 Oct

This week I have the pleasure of being in Philadelphia for the PRSA International Conference and I’m super excited to be here, amongst some truly talented and accomplished professionals! Today’s post is going to be simple. I have two things that I want to share with you: Feel free to follow my tweets as I’ll [...]

Your Guide to Leveraging and Managing Twitter in a Crisis

25 Sep

One thing is for sure: no matter where a crisis originates these days, it will find itself being discussed, linked to, shared and retweeted on Twitter. Hashtags will be developed and used, your organization will experience an influx of tweets and mentions that will need to be monitored, filtered through and responded to – in [...]

Better Protect Your Linkedin Account with Two-Step Verification

05 Jun

Last week we looked at how Twitter has finally provided us with two-factor authentication as an additional security measure to protect our accounts. Today, I’m glad to announce that Linkedin now provides us with the same protection! It has all the same benefits as I mentioned in my Twitter post (click here to read all [...]

Must-Attend Webinar Series: How to Manage and Survive a Crisis in the Digital Age

11 Mar

I’m very pleased to be announcing that I will be co-hosting a webinar for the highly acclaimed Media Skills Academy, with the very talented Jane Jordan-Meier, in May! This upcoming webinar series on “How to Manage and Survive a Crisis in the Digital Age”, is one you absolutely won’t want to miss! The entire webinar [...]

Important: Incorporate Vine Into Your Social Media Crisis Plan

28 Jan

Last week, Twitter released a new app for creating and sharing short looping videos on the social network, called Vine. Many brands have begun to get creative with the app already, using it for marketing messages and brand engagement (check some out here). But in terms of crisis communications, think of what these 6 second [...]

Hurricane Sandy: Crisis Preparedness and Safety Tips from the Pros

30 Oct

Hurricane Sandy is approaching and some of the industry’s leading crisis communicators are offering some excellent advice that I feel is very important to be aware of… and to put into action. Therefore, the following 3 links are absolutely worth your attention: FEMA’s Crisis Management Tips for Hurricane Sandy, by Bernstein Crisis Management Inc. Social [...]

Special Announcement: The Crisis Show to be Aired Every Wednesday Evening via Google Hangouts!

09 Jun

I’m extremely excited to announce that I have joined forces with two leading crisis managers, Jonathan Bernstein of Bernstein Crisis Management Inc. and Rich Klein of LawFirmsPR, to co-host a weekly broadcast, via On Air Google Hangouts, called The Crisis Show! About The Crisis Show The Crisis Show will be streamed over Google Hangouts On Air every Wednesday [...]