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False Online Reviews: How to Deal with Damaging Internet Posts about your Business

05 Mar

By Whitney C. Gibson, Internet defamation attorney at Vorys who works closely with Agnes + Day’s Crisis Intelligence Team. False online reviews have become problematic for many businesses today, whether made by unhappy customers, disgruntled former employees or competitors.  In fact, last September a New York attorney general fined 19 companies a total of $350,000 [...]

Internet Copyright Protection: What Do You Own and How To Protect Yourself

17 Feb

Editor’s Note: The following post and informative white paper was written by Judith Delaney of CMMR Group-TurnsonPoint. Judith is a valued member of Agnes + Day’s Crisis Intelligence Team. The rise of Social Media and the broad reach of the Internet have created a host of new challenges for copyright owners. Digital technologies, including file sharing and [...]

Your Legal Options When Dealing with Negativity on Ripoff Report (Video)

24 Jan

Have you ever had to deal with a defamatory Ripoff Report against your company or organization? If you have, you ‘re certainly far from being along. If you’ve faced this type of online reputation crisis before, than you’re most likely aware of the fact that Ripoff Report can prove to be near impossible to push down [...]

Social Media and Online Privacy Law Reflections of 2013 and Forecasts for 2014, by Judith Delaney

16 Dec

Editor’s Note: I’m pleased to present you with the last of this year’s “Reflections and Forecasts” series, provided to us by the extremely intelligent Judith Delaney. Judith is an attorney who specializes in social media law and online privacy issues. The information provided within this post is not to be taken lightly. These are important [...]

Does the New California Erase Law Hinder or Help Today’s Youth?

09 Oct

In yesterday’s post, Judith Delaney detailed the legal requirements behind California’s new “erase” law for minors on social media. Today, I’d like to voice my thoughts about this new instated law. I think this new erase law hinders more than it helps. Here’s why: I understand that children today (teenagers included) do not always understand [...]

What is California’s “Erase” Law for Minors on Social Media

08 Oct

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post by the fabulous Judith Delaney, and attorney who specializes in New Media Compliance Solutions Strategies. It should be no surprise to anyone that kids are well, kids. They act silly, they say silly things, and use their imaginations to dream up some of the strangest and even scary [...]

Social Media Law: You Cannot Fire Employees for what they “Like” on Facebook

23 Sep

Last week, a U.S. federal appeals court ruled that “liking” something on Facebook is considered  a form of speech which is protected by the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment. Read: Washington State Bans Employers from Accessing Employees’ Social Media Accounts This means that a precedent has been set where employers are not legally permitted to fire employees due to [...]

Washington State Bans Employers from Accessing Employees’ Social Media Accounts

06 Aug

Washington State has joined the ranks of Arkansas, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, and Utah, in passing a law that prohibits employers from asking and gaining access to their employees’ private social media accounts. This law means that employers cannot: Ask for usernames and passwords of their employees’ social media accounts Make [...]

Local and International Laws for Protecting Your Social Media Accounts

13 Jun

Editor’s Note: This is the fourth part of a 4-part series on social media law: protecting the ownership of your social media accounts (for both employers and employees). Over the course of this week, we’ve looked at a 2011 case, PhoneDog vs. Kravitz, where a company sued a former employee for that employee’s Twitter account, used to [...]

How to Create Policies to Legally Protect Your Brand’s Social Media Accounts

12 Jun

Editor’s Note: This is the third part of a 4-part series on social media law: protecting the ownership of your social media accounts (for both employers and employees). This week we’ve been exploring a 2011 case of an employer and former employee battling it out legally, over a Twitter account valued at $340,000. It’s a case [...]