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Internet Defamation: How Executives Can Handle Disparaging Online Content

17 Jun

By Whitney C. Gibson Today, no company is immune from damaging Internet posts. But neither are their executives, who are just as vulnerable to online reputation attacks. Business leaders – especially those very visible in the public and online – are easy targets for disgruntled customers, former employees and ex-business partners, among others, whether on [...]

An Absolute Must NOT Do When Dealing with Negative Online Reviews

15 May

By Whitney C. Gibson, Internet defamation attorney With today’s Internet and social media landscape, defamation cases are on the rise.  Further, false and defamatory statements can spread quicker than ever, to a wider audience, and can stay online potentially indefinitely. Thus, there is a great need to protect the reputations of individuals and businesses. As [...]

Physician Internet Defamation: How Doctors Can Deal with False Reviews and Protect Their Reputation

16 Apr

By Whitney C. Gibson, internet defamation attorney at Vorys who works closely with Agnes + Day’s Crisis Intelligence Team. Last month’s post discussed the damage that can be caused by false reviews online.  The reality is that most anyone with a computer can cause very serious damage to your reputation: upset customers, ex-employees, ex-business partners, [...]

Internet Defamation By Business Competitors: How To Protect Your Business

26 Mar

By Chris Anderson The increasing use of web-based reviews by consumers is resulting in a disturbing trend, one where business competitors attempt to game the system through competitor internet defamation. In these situations, competitors will pose as “customers” and post negative reviews and complaints for thousands of potential customers to read. Consumers have no way [...]

Online Reputation Management Needs to be a Part of Today’s Curriculum

24 Mar

Conducting one’s self appropriately online seems like common sense. However, it has recently come to my attention how students, young adults – and  yes, even professionals – simply have not yet realized the depth of the risk involved with posting and publishing to social media. What seems like common sense to many of us is [...]

False Online Reviews: How to Deal with Damaging Internet Posts about your Business

05 Mar

By Whitney C. Gibson, Internet defamation attorney at Vorys who works closely with Agnes + Day’s Crisis Intelligence Team. False online reviews have become problematic for many businesses today, whether made by unhappy customers, disgruntled former employees or competitors.  In fact, last September a New York attorney general fined 19 companies a total of $350,000 [...]

Unauthorized Product Diversion Solutions (Video)

05 Feb

Unauthorized product diversion is a big issue for many professionals and organizations. Within the below video, Whitney C. Gibson, an Internet defamation attorney at Vorys who regularly works with Agnes + Day’s Crisis Intelligence Team, discusses some interesting solutions for organizations faced with this type of fraudulent activity. If your in an industry that has to deal [...]

How To Estimate Damages in an Internet Defamation Case (Video)

31 Jan

Internet defamation leads to a lot of trouble. Unfortunately, the majority of the trouble ends up falling on the shoulders of the victims and can include: Major damage to your online reputation A negative impact on your organization’s bottom line A whole lot of legal fees Huge and long-term expenses to repair your online reputation [...]

3 Benefits of a Pre-Crisis Online Vulnerability Audit

29 Jan

An online vulnerability audit is a thorough analysis of your brand’s online reputation. It looks at your current search engine rankings, your social media accounts if any, and also looks for any current negativity surrounding your brand. Basically, it’s an in-depth analysis that focuses on finding weaknesses to improve upon and provides you with strategies [...]

Your Legal Options When Dealing with Negativity on Ripoff Report (Video)

24 Jan

Have you ever had to deal with a defamatory Ripoff Report against your company or organization? If you have, you ‘re certainly far from being along. If you’ve faced this type of online reputation crisis before, than you’re most likely aware of the fact that Ripoff Report can prove to be near impossible to push down [...]