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Lac-Mégantic Crisis: A Look at Rail World Inc.’s Crisis Communications #Fail

11 Jul

Lac-Mégantic, a small Quebec town, was devastated by a tragic and horrific incident on Saturday, July 6th, when 72 train cars carrying crude oil derailed and rolled downhill, exploding in the small town’s downtown area. As of the writing of this post, 20 people have been announced dead and 30 remain missing. As I watch [...]

Calgary Floods: Analysis of Crisis Leadership and Use of Social Media

01 Jul

Over nearly the past 2 weeks, Calgary has been hit – and hit hard – with water. The floods started on June 20th and the damage is expected to be in the billions. Over 100,000 people were asked to evacuate their homes, in over 25 communities in and around Calgary. (For an in-depth explanation of what [...]

How Having a Social CEO Will Benefit Your Company (Infographic)

06 Jun

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, than you know that I have a strong sentiment towards CEO’s going social in 2013. (Read more about why and how this is beneficial to your company or organization here.) In support of this, Weber Shandwick recently did a study and found that the majority of companies [...]

To CEO or Not to CEO? Crisis Communication in Action

11 Apr

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post by Jane Jordan-Meier, author and CEO & president of The Media Skills Academy.  The CEO is (or should be) the most prized communications asset at a company’s disposal. He or she drives corporate strategy and gives voice to performance and progress. The CEO establishes the building blocks of [...]

Leadership in a Crisis: How the Head and Heart Must Come Together (podcast)

04 Apr

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the very wise, very talented Jane Jordan-Meier, author and President of The Media Skills Academy, to discuss leadership in a crisis and how the head and the heart absolutely need to come together. Within the below podcast, Jane gives some excellent examples of leaders who have, [...]