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What is Internet Defamation? (Video / podcast)

14 Feb

Recently, I’ve been posting more and more videos and blog posts about Internet defamation, as it’s a hot topic that many individuals and brands seem to be facing more and more of online. Here’s another video with Whitney C. Gibson, Internet defamation attorney, Chris Anderson, cyber-investigator, and myself discussing what Internet defamation is, what red [...]

Internet Defamation: What Are Your Options? (video)

31 Jan

Internet defamation is a serious issue that brands and individuals are beginning to face, more and more, online. The following is a 20 minute video with myself, Whitney C. Gibson, an Internet defamation attorney, and Chris Anderson, a cyber-investigator, where we discuss the different options available to you when faced with online defamation. Internet Defamation: [...]

What If Pursuing Your Online Defamer Results In Even More Online Defamation?

03 Dec

Welcome to another Q&A Monday, where I answer a social media crisis or online reputation management-related question asked by a reader. Today’s question came in reference to Chris Anderson’s guest post of last week, titled Is It Possible to Quickly Remove Online Defamation About Your Brand?. Jonathan Bernstein of Bernstein Crisis Management asks: “What would you [...]

Top 7 Common Misconceptions About False Information Online

29 Nov

Editor’s Note: I’m pleased to provide you with the following guest post by Internet defamation attorney, Whitney C. Gibson, on the 7 most common misconceptions about Internet defamation and your online reputation management. Since we launched the Internet defamation practice group at Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease, I have encountered a number of misconceptions about [...]

Is It Possible To Quickly Remove Online Defamation About Your Brand?

28 Nov

Editor’s Note: I’m very pleased to provide you with a guest post by Chris Anderson, founder of Cyber Investigation Services, LLC. Chris writes to inform you of the different options available to you when it comes to Internet defamation and online reputation management. Help, my company is under attack by some psychopath!!! As a cyber investigation [...]

Internet Defamation: Interview with Lawyer, Whitney C. Gibson

24 Oct

Last week on The Crisis Show, fellow co-host, Rich Klein and myself interviewed lawyer, Whitney C. Gibson, who is the head of the Internet Defamation practice at Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP. Within this interview, Whitney discusses what the law of Internet Defamation is, and how it can help companies and organizations being wrongfully defamed [...]