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Free Issues Management Response Flow Chart (For Your Use)

22 May

Effective issues management is a hot topic these days, which makes sense considering that every week presents us with another organization in need of putting their issues management to practice. When it comes to your organization’s issues management, equipping your frontline with a response flow chart is essential. A good response flow chart will: Provide your [...]

When Everyone is a Reporter, Everyone in your Organization is a Spokesperson

12 Mar

By Patrice Cloutier, Strategic communications professional and member of the Agnes + Day Crisis Intelligence Team. One of the characteristics of social convergence is the omnipresence of mobile devices equipped with video cameras. It’s how news is made today. As we know, this puts tremendous pressure on organizations to respond quickly when things go south. [...]

What Do Internal Communications Have to do with Successful Crisis Management?

27 Jan

Last week’s infographic on the 10 New Rules of Crisis Communications brought a lot of feedback and comments regarding rule #10: Internal communications are key to today’s successful crisis management. Point Final. Many of you agreed (I wanna say duh!), but also explained how it’s still something you struggle with internally; whether your struggles are [...]

What Impact Does Customer Service have on your Company’s Issues Management?

14 Nov

I was recently asked to give a guest lecture on customer service for a class at the Université de Montréal. Does this strike you as odd? I mean, what does customer service have to do with crisis management? The truth is that your organization’s customer service representatives play a big role within your brand’s issues [...]

Fishing for Internal Phishing Vulnerabilities

23 Oct

Atlantic Media, a print and online media company, recently put their employees through an awesome test. The test: To send a “phishy” (pun intended!) email to employees, requesting them to verify their accounts. The goal: To identify how easily it may be for others to hack the Atlantic Media system, and to evaluate how unprepared their [...]

Washington State Bans Employers from Accessing Employees’ Social Media Accounts

06 Aug

Washington State has joined the ranks of Arkansas, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, and Utah, in passing a law that prohibits employers from asking and gaining access to their employees’ private social media accounts. This law means that employers cannot: Ask for usernames and passwords of their employees’ social media accounts Make [...]

5 Benefits of Using Mobile Apps for your Internal Crisis Communications

22 Jul

I recently wrote about mobile technology, how it’s the up and coming – from marketing to eCommerce – and how mobile needs to play a role within your crisis communications plan. Within that post I discuss the use of mobile apps for your external crisis communications. Today, I’d like to discuss how mobile can be [...]

Now Illegal in 3 More States: Employers Cannot Request Passwords to Employee Social Media Accounts

13 May

Editor’s Note: The following is an important update, by the wonderful Judith Delaney, on the three new states who have recently passed laws making it illegal for companies to request social media passwords from employees. Back in January of this year, Melissa and I both published a blog post informing you that the states of California, [...]

Is It Time To Practice Your Social Media Crisis Plan?

26 Mar

What do you do when you finish creating or updating your social media crisis plan? (and please don’t tell me you don’t have one yet!) Do you say “phew, it’s done!” and file it away for a rainy day? If so, you’re leaving yourself – and your company – open to a whole bunch of [...]

Is Your Staff Online Media Trained?

20 Mar

We’ve discussed why your entire team needs to be prepared and trained to handle the media in a crisis, even if only on a basic level. Though most people, when referring to media training, naturally think traditional media. But what about the Tweets that a reporter might “innocently” tweet out to your receptionist? What if [...]