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Crisis Avoidance Strategy: Neighbour of Choice

11 Jun

By Garth Rowan, Communications Consultant and member of the Agnes + Day Crisis Intelligence Team. When you can’t change who you are or what you do; when your business is the type that no one wants; what are your options to build up credit in the trust bank should a crisis strike? Let’s face it, [...]

A Crisis Avoidance Strategy

03 Apr

By Garth Rowan, Communications Consultant and member of the Agnes + Day Crisis Intelligence Team. “Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” The powerful words of Margaret Mead bear noting and are especially important for organizations focused on crisis avoidance. [...]

Fishing for Internal Phishing Vulnerabilities

23 Oct

Atlantic Media, a print and online media company, recently put their employees through an awesome test. The test: To send a “phishy” (pun intended!) email to employees, requesting them to verify their accounts. The goal: To identify how easily it may be for others to hack the Atlantic Media system, and to evaluate how unprepared their [...]

California School District Prevents Crises by Monitoring Students’ Social Media Posts

16 Sep

When it comes to cyberbullying, threats against or towards minors, possible violence and other major issues involving youths these days, what responsibility lies on the school systems? Not many schools, teachers, principals or parents truly know the answer to this important question. However, a school district in Glendale, California has voluntarily taken on the task of [...]

YouTube Risk Management: Update You Need to Know About

29 Aug

YouTube is making it easier for people to live stream straight from their YouTube accounts. It used to be that you needed thousands of YouTube subscribers in order to enable this feature, but as of recently, all you need is one hundred. As video and pictures are the two types of content that garner the [...]

Here are More Ways to Secure Your Twitter Account from Hackers

28 Aug

Two words that we’re all too familiar with: Twitter hacks. When it comes to Twitter hacks, there are things that you can do to protect your account, and I’ve spoken about them numerous times here on my blog. However, with the hacking that took place last week, when 15,000 accounts were compromised, I thought it [...]

The Reputational Repercussions of Auto Generated Responses

15 Aug

We’ve all experienced them. Auto generated responses on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, programmed to welcome new followers, respond to inquiries, comments, @mentions and the likes. However, it seems that large organizations are the last to realize the negative impacts these annoying auto generated replies threaten to have on their reputation. Domino’s Pizza [...]

How Black Hat SEO Will Destroy your Online Reputation

08 Aug

I recently read a post aimed at exposing how some people/organizations use black hat SEO techniques to get their competitors banned from Reddit. Written by Jonathan and Erik Bernstein, this post (which can be found here) got me thinking of all the companies that use black hat SEO techniques and call themselves “SEO experts”. Unfortunately, [...]

Embrace Technology, Be Crisis-Ready

24 Jul

I’ve been talking a lot about new and emerging technology lately (and will continue to do so). From mobile apps and your crisis communications to Google Glass, technology is a major part of our everyday lives, both personal and professional. Organizations need to embrace these new and emerging technologies as early-on as possible. Unfortunately, the embracement of [...]

Protect Your Twitter Account from Hackers with Two-Factor Authentication

27 May

With all the oh-so-many Twitter hacks we’ve been seeing lately, guess who has finally provided us with two-factor authentication. If you guessed Twitter (or read the title of this post), you’re right! This has been long overdue and is great news. What does this mean for your brand’s Twitter security? Once you’ve enabled the two-factor [...]