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TCIP #009 – Emergency Evacuation and Re-Entry Planning with Mike McKenna

03 Aug

Welcome to episode #009 of The Crisis Intelligence Podcast, with Melissa Agnes and Mike McKenna When it comes to emergency evacuation planning, what risks need to be identified and what should you actually plan for? Should every organization, even those with less catastrophic risk, include an evacuation and re-entry plan within their crisis management plan? [...]

Our Weekly Roundup of Awesome Links is Back! #CrisisRoundup

01 Aug

Our weekly roundup of awesome links is back! And we’re excited about it. I’ve missed this little bit of Friday fun with you all! We’ve also decided to brand it. As I’m not a super huge player in #FollowFriday, we’ve decided to start a new Friday hashtag for content-creating rockstars in the fields of crisis, [...]

Internet Defamation: Consider These Factors When Potentially Pursuing Legal Claims

31 Jul

Post by Whitney C. Gibson The internet has revolutionized how we function today and it has done so much good for society.  Yet, there is no denying the bad that has come with it.  Internet defamation (among other types of harm in the online world) is very real and, unfortunately, being carried out very frequently. [...]

NZ Herald and Their Big Photo “Faux Pas”

30 Jul

Yesterday we discussed managing crises with visual content, where I mentioned some tips for identifying red visual flags (or their possibility) that could help a crisis go viral, as well as outlined some important strategies to help you incorporate visuals into your crisis communications plan. What I didn’t mention, is to not let visuals become [...]

Managing Crises with Visual Content

29 Jul

I recently came across this article on ProBlogger: How to Beat Your Competition Online by Trying this One Thing. Within the article, the author discusses how “content is no longer king. Epic content is.” And that “smart marketers and entrepreneurs have shifted focus from content strategy to visual content strategy.” Basically, the message is that the [...]

Free Webinar: Crisis Management in the 21st Century – Are You Ready?

28 Jul

Join Melissa Agnes, international crisis speaker and president of Agnes + Day, for a free webinar discussing how to survive a crisis in this 21st century, on Thursday, August 7th at 12:00 Noon, EST! Crises unfold in real-time today and no matter where your next crisis originates, one thing is for sure: it absolutely, positively [...]

TCIP #008 – The Power of Story Telling in Crisis Communications with Greg Power

27 Jul

Welcome to episode #008 of The Crisis Intelligence Podcast, with Melissa Agnes and Greg Power In this age of social media and continual distractions, story telling is an art form that can help you be heard – and remembered – through the noise. In fact, story telling should be a part of every organization’s corporate [...]

TCIP #007 – Overcoming Legal Challenges in Crisis Communication with Sara Hawkins

20 Jul

Welcome to episode #007 of The Crisis Intelligence Podcast, with Melissa Agnes and Sara Hawkins Sara Hawkins is a savvy attorney dedicated to helping the “little guys out there”. Her policy is to never say “no”, but to help her clients find the right strategies and solutions to their problems. Sara is one of those [...]

“Social Media Crisis” and Other Buzzwords that Need to Go

17 Jul

Buzzwords are those over-used words or terms that are used so often that they begin to lose all meaning. I recently did a guest lecture for Professor Eric Chandler‘s NYU class and, prior to the guest lecture, Eric and I got to talking about the different buzzwords that get under our skin. I thought it [...]

Internet Defamation: When To Take Legal Action vs. When To Let It Be

16 Jul

I was recently asked an important question by a reader. With some tweaks made to hide the reader’s identity and particular situation, here’s what I was posed: When someone or an organization is defamed online and it goes public, and after they’ve released a statement putting light to their side of the story, should they [...]