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Is Google Glass Just Another Nail in Privacy’s Coffin?

07 May

A look at Google Glass’s privacy issues and terms of service by Judith Delaney, attorney. On April 15, 2014, Google had a one day sale of its Google Glass.  This beta version cost $1,500 a pop that you had to pay by using Google wallet.  Needless to say a price that is not realistic for [...]

The Use of the Word Transparency in the World of Social Media

10 Apr

By Judith Delaney, Attorney and member of Agnes + Day’s Crisis Intelligence Team Let’s talk about the word transparency.  A word that, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary was first used in 1591. In the good old days before web 2.0, when a crisis happened it was common practice for an organization to withhold information, particularly if [...]

What You Don’t Know About Malaysia Airlines and How They’ve Handled the Crisis of Flight MH370

18 Mar

By Judith Delaney, Attorney and member of Agnes + Day’s Crisis Intelligence Team As part of my contribution to the Agnes + Day team I have the opportunity to share with you developments around the world relating to protecting the privacy of all people when they either voluntarily or out of necessity, like purchasing an [...]

Internet Copyright Protection: What Do You Own and How To Protect Yourself

17 Feb

Editor’s Note: The following post and informative white paper was written by Judith Delaney of CMMR Group-TurnsonPoint. Judith is a valued member of Agnes + Day’s Crisis Intelligence Team. The rise of Social Media and the broad reach of the Internet have created a host of new challenges for copyright owners. Digital technologies, including file sharing and [...]

Is it the Beginning of the End for the European Union/United States Safe Harbor Program?

03 Feb

Editor’s Note: The following post is by Judith Delaney of CMMR Group-TurnsonPoint. Judith is a valued member of Agnes + Day’s Crisis Intelligence Team. As some of you may be aware through previous articles posted here (or otherwise), for some time now the European Union has been seeking to restate its directives, including its privacy directives, [...]

Social Media and Online Privacy Law Reflections of 2013 and Forecasts for 2014, by Judith Delaney

16 Dec

Editor’s Note: I’m pleased to present you with the last of this year’s “Reflections and Forecasts” series, provided to us by the extremely intelligent Judith Delaney. Judith is an attorney who specializes in social media law and online privacy issues. The information provided within this post is not to be taken lightly. These are important [...]

Dissecting the Law: Employers Prohibited from Accessing Employees’ Social Media Accounts

15 Oct

Editor’s Note: Different states across the U.S. have been instating these new social media laws that prohibit employers from requesting access to an employee’s personal social media accounts. But what do these laws really mean? What are the exceptions to the rules and how do they apply to your organization? Judith Delaney, of TurnsonPoint Consulting, answers all [...]

What is California’s “Erase” Law for Minors on Social Media

08 Oct

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post by the fabulous Judith Delaney, and attorney who specializes in New Media Compliance Solutions Strategies. It should be no surprise to anyone that kids are well, kids. They act silly, they say silly things, and use their imaginations to dream up some of the strangest and even scary [...]

Now Illegal in 3 More States: Employers Cannot Request Passwords to Employee Social Media Accounts

13 May

Editor’s Note: The following is an important update, by the wonderful Judith Delaney, on the three new states who have recently passed laws making it illegal for companies to request social media passwords from employees. Back in January of this year, Melissa and I both published a blog post informing you that the states of California, [...]

Update to Pending and New Online Privacy Laws Around the World

29 Apr

Editor’s Note: Online privacy issues, for individuals and companies alike, are a growing concern and world-wide mission by officials. It is extremely important that we all keep current on, at the very least, the basics of these new laws as they form around the world. The following is an update by Judith Delaney, U.S. attorney specializing [...]