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About Agnes + Day

The Crisis Intelligence Team

What makes us “crisis intelligent” is our team and the way we view and approach crisis and issues management.

Our crisis intelligence team is comprised of a range of specialized professionals who combine their expertise and experience to provide our clients with the best solutions for their crisis management needs. Our team includes:

  • Crisis management experts who have vast experience with large, global brands and today’s crisis realities (i.e.: the 24hr news cycle, social media, leveraging mobile technology for emergency management, etc.);
  • An international crisis media trainer;
  • An online reputation management team; and
  • An attorney who specializes in the management of global compliance and social media risk.

By keeping in mind the reality and scope of a crisis today, our approach to crisis management is unique and fiercely specialized.

Our Crisis Intelligent Team

Melissa Agnes

Melissa AgnesMelissa Agnes, President and co-founder of Agnes + Day Inc., has developed an international reputation for crisis management, planning and training by helping global brands and government agencies prevent and manage a wide range of issues and crises. Her client list includes government agencies, cities and municipalities, healthcare organizations, energy companies, global non-profits, financial organizations, the public and private sectors and many others. Learn more about Melissa Agnes+

Colton Day

Colton DayColton Day, Chief Reputation Officer and co-founder of Agnes + Day, works with high-profile global brands, providing them with the tools and strategies to secure their online reputation. Combining his talent for online reputation management and his passion for crisis management, Colton works behind the scenes to help organizations be, what he coined, “crisis management optimized”.
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Garth Rowan

Garth RowanGarth Rowan is a specialist in media, crisis and risk communications, witness preparation and investor relations presentation training. Garth has two decades of experience as a trainer, corporate strategist, television and radio reporter and lawyer. He specializes in communications skills for situations where the stakes are high.
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Judith Delaney

Judith DelaneyJudith Delaney is an attorney who specializes in the integration of new media strategies with business strategies to effectively manage risk associated with online compliance such as the HIPPA Omnibus Rule, global social media private and data protections and contract risk management.
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Client Testimonials

“If you ever need a company who could brief on crisis management or provide trainings on issues management or crisis simulations, I can recommend Agnes + Day strongly.”
– Franky Saegerman, NATO

“We brought together our legal, PR, communications, digital and staff engagement teams for nearly two days. Melissa guided our topics in such an engaging way driving us to tap what we already knew and to discover what was lacking in our current process and guidelines. This training session brought us together in such an effective way that not one person regretted the commitment we made to learn. Thank you, Melissa, for bringing a complex topic to us in a way that encouraged debate, hands-on experience and helped us make decisions.” – Jan Walther, YMCA of the USA

“Agnes + Day is truly outstanding! Their calmness, strategic thinking, and creativity are the hallmarks of crisis management.”
– Chris Starr, Restaurant owner