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5 Benefits of Using Mobile Apps for your Internal Crisis Communications

22 Jul

mobile-internal-crisis-communicationsI recently wrote about mobile technology, how it’s the up and coming – from marketing to eCommerce – and how mobile needs to play a role within your crisis communications plan. Within that post I discuss the use of mobile apps for your external crisis communications. Today, I’d like to discuss how mobile can be a unique and extremely beneficial tool for your internal crisis communications.

Intranets are a great tool for large organizations that have offices all around the country and the world, but what about when you have workers on the ground? Workers on the ground don’t necessarily have a computer in front of them at all times, but what they definitely do have is a mobile phone. Creating an app designed specifically for your internal (crisis) communications will allow you to:

  • Access and reach each and every member of your team, no matter where they are at any given time – and all at once
  • Send instant messages, push notifications and alerts, in real-time
  • Enable real-time two-way communications
  • Share video, images and links
  • Have all kinds of unique functions, depending on your organization’s distinct needs in a crisis situation

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Using mobile technology for your internal crisis communications can be an extremely powerful tool – and it can prove to be extremely beneficial for industries and organizations such as:

  • Oil, gas and energy
  • Travel industry
  • Transportation
  • Government, municipalities
  • Emergency, first responders
  • Banks and other financial organizations
  • Global and national non-profits (imagine instantly communicating with all of your staff and volunteers)

So, as you brainstorm and prepare your internal crisis communications plan and needs, think mobile. It’s not going anywhere, everyone has one and it can provide unique opportunities to your organization and entire team in a crisis.

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